You do NOT need a label to release your own music

I’ve been a working musician for almost 10 years now and in that time I’ve learned a lot. Loads. I still have a long way to go and part of me feels I’ll never master it all. I don’t think anyone fully has. Well maybe Bruce Springsteen. Yeah, he’s got it. If you don’t think... Continue Reading →


Becoming teetotal at 21

It was the week before my 21st birthday. I'd woken up with yet another hang over, (in Scotland the legal drinking age is 18, though I'll tell you now at this point, I'd been drinking regularly for about 5 years), and the wages from the gig the night before had mysteriously disappeared.

72 hours in Amsterdam

Not long ago, after my bank account had been given a few extra digits courtesy of the 9-5, the good lady and I decided to book a flight somewhere for the following month. We knew we wanted it to be in Europe and not somewhere too hot as neither of us are what you'd call... Continue Reading →

“Do you know Wonderwall?”

4 words that any musician that has ever performed in a pub, bar or on the street will have heard countless number of times. It doesn't just have to be Oasis however. Ed Sheeran and Paolo Nutini, (more popular here in Scotland), can also be used as substitutes. But for the purpose of this blog,... Continue Reading →

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