Birth of a Blogger

There’s not a whole lot of things that don’t interest me in one way or another. But finding something I’m passionate about, that’s something altogether very different. I’m a musician first and foremost and probably always will be.

Since the age of 5, I’ve either bashed away at a drum kit pretending to be John Bonham, attempted to woo a crush with ‘Hey There Delilah’ by Plain White T’s on guitar, (1. That was the song that all the girls wanted to hear and 2. No, it didn’t work) or sang lead vocals in a Squeeze tribute band called Squash (we were abysmal). I’ve never once thought that I shouldn’t be doing any of those things, because I was passionate about them, (though no tears were shed the day Squash decided to hang up their guitars and call it a day).

But now, I find myself at a crossroad of sorts, where I’m needing something to supplement the primary passion. I’ve considered a few options: Learn a new language, start going to the gym, maybe even learn to Tango (my good lady would adore that). None of them, however, seem to give me the initial stimulus the same way that music does.

Instead of picking one thing to consume myself with, what if I just wrote about all the things I’m interested in? I could catalogue the different pieces under specific categories and share them with anyone that may or may not  be willing to listen.

Then I realised what I needed to do.

I needed to start writing a blog.




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